Business Training

I like to describe myself as a multi-passionate individual. I love teaching yoga, and I have a passion for business and marketing. You would hope so since I spent four years of my life studying this at university! I have a wide variety of experience and knowledge in advertising, consumer behaviour, marketing and digital marketing to name a few. But marketing and digital marketing is what excites me the most! I am a child of the Internet generation- can you really blame me?

I want to help small businesses in the North East of Scotland do big things because I believe small, independent brands and businesses need a much greater spotlight on our high streets and online. I can help you and your business develop strategies to grow and expand through coaching packages; generate content for your marketing campaigns and websites; offer advice on how to develop a loyal online social media following who are genuinely interested in you and your business; and attract people from near and far to shop with you.

The ‘How to increase your earnings, freedom and business success‘ workshop is launching soon and I can’t wait to share more details with you in the following weeks!