A Call To Action- Simple Steps to Uplevel Your Sustainable Bathroom Game

A recent pole carried out on my Instagram (@iammeganalexandra if you want to check it out for yourself) showed that my audience are all as interested in sustainability as I am and are looking to find new ways to make their own sustainable swaps to help fight climate change and protect Mother Earth.

Full disclosure, I am not perfect and I do not claim to be. I recycle, use green energy providers to heat my flat and make appropriate changes to benefit the planet. I believe that we should share the hints and tips we learn with one another to educate others and develop better practices ourselves.

I have been following Acala Online, a sustainable health and beauty online store with a passion for the environment, for quite some time. Their goal is to make conscious, eco friendly shopping easy and accessible to everyone. They even go to the extent of using innovative packing methods to ship your parcels straight to you too.

Recently, I shopped with Acala using their new Repack, reusable and returnable packaging and I was suitably impressed and wanted to share my experience with you all.

RePack packaging is a brand with soul and who care for the environment. RePack packaging is entirely made out of recycled materials and can be reused by other shoppers once your shopping has arrived at your front door. 

RePack make it super easy to send the packaging back to Acala as well and all you have to do is reseal it using the Velcro tab and pop it back in the postbox. Acala pay for the postage so you don’t have to worry. So, not only do you have conscious, affordable skin care and beauty products delivered right to your door it comes COMPLETELY PLASTIC FREE! I absolutely loved this element of my shopping experience.

But now onto what was in my RePack parcel! Four wonderful, everyday essentials to make my bathroom look great and make me feel good too.

Something to remember when shopping is brands and businesses can be pretty sneaky in their marketing, convincing you to shop for more when you didn’t need it in the first place. They often do this by using some of those eco friendly buzz words we talked about earlier. Remember, if you don’t need it don’t buy it! Conscious consumption and is what will help save the planet.

We have so much stuff as it is there’s no need to fill your house with more just because it says it’s eco friendly.

This month I really needed a new toothbrush as my old one had given up the goose so I decided to swap from my traditional plastic one to a bamboo one by Hydra Phil. I must admit prior to using a bamboo toothbrush I was worried that a bamboo one might not give me as good a clean but how wrong I was. This toothbrush cleans all the plaque and daily grime off my teeth with ease whilst protecting my gums at the same time. It did cost slightly more than its plastic competitor but it has a much smaller carbon footprint and can be composted once it’s had its time as long as the nylon bristles have been removed. 10/10 from me!

Next, was The All Natural Soap Company Ultimate Soap Bar! A brand new edition to the Acala store. I had recently finished my bottle of body wash and decided I wanted to opt now for a plastic free alternative so this suited my every need. The Ultimate Soap is completely cruelty free and 100% palm oil free and smells amazing! It’s filled with nourishing and enriching essential oils to help sooth skin from those sunny summer rays and fight mosquitos- which if you’re from Scotland is a big winner! This soap is also easy to store, I just place mine on a slatted soap dish to let it air dry once I’m finished with it.

Finally, I might have got a little carried away with the amazing weather we had a few weeks ago and purchased Amazinc Mineral Sun Screen. Not only does this sun cream come in a high factor 50 for my delicate, Snow White inspired skin, but it is entirely natural and won’t negatively impact the rivers and oceans! Result! I can’t say I have had a chance to use this much but no doubt when I do you’ll all be the first to know.

So there you have it. My sustainable bathroom swaps with Alcala! I only believe in working with brands I believe in and I wanted to offer you the opportunity to save 10% off with Alcala when you shop for all your beauty supplies! Just use the code 10-YOGAMEG or click on this link here. Remember to share your sustainable swaps with my by tagging me in your posts on Facebook or Instagram.

Together we can take little steps in the right direction to protect the planet and help her grow and thrive once more. Any eco friendly hints or tips you are dying to share? Please pop them in the comments below!

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