Why Are Some People Happier Than Others?


Now, everyone loves an Instagram poll, and I used one on @meganalexandra_yoga to find out what you most wanted to read about this week! Like I’ve said before, my main aim is to create content you’re interested in and that educates you in a wide variety of health and wellness topics. So, due to public demand, this week I am focusing on the topic of happiness, what it is, and how you can experience it.

One of the main goals as humans is to experience happiness, but there is much debate on how we can actually become more happy. Does having more money equal greater happiness? Does being in a relationship make you happier? Does being thin and athletic mean you’ll be more content in life? The short answer to all of these questions is no. The real reason some people are happier than others is actually much more simple than that.

Happier people have a happy mindset.

Let me repeat that, “happier people have a happy mindset”. It really is as plain and simple as that- happiness is a choice. Read on to find out some methods I’ve discovered throughout my own life which have allowed me to experience an abundance of happiness and joy.

Firstly, stop attaching happiness with external things. For example, I always used to associate happiness with being in a relationship. I believed that while I was still single I couldn’t be truly happy. But, then I would meet someone and once the initial new romance glow would wear off I would find myself deeply unhappy once more. “Why do I feel this way? I would ask myself, I have exactly what I thought would make me feel better and now I actually feel worse than before.” The reason I felt like this is because I had experienced that short term happiness that fades over time and I was chasing my next happiness hit. However, if you look inwards and focus on having a stronger relationship with yourself you’ll learn that happiness comes from within and that you shouldn’t rely on other people, places or things to give you that sense of satisfaction.

Secondly, I try and look at things that aggravate me as challenges rather than sit and dwell on them. I personally find that the longer I focus on something that I feel is an injustice, the worse the feelings of hurt or anger get. If you feed the feeling it gets bigger and bigger. One way of starving these feelings and making them feel more manageable is by treating them as either internal or external challenges. Often, if someone says something that hits a nerve it’s because you’ve got some internal work to do in order to clear those negative feelings. Or, if I’m having a bad day, rather than think the world is against me, I try to see it as an opportunity to develop myself as a person and accomplish tasks I didn’t think I was capable of.

My final piece of advice which has allowed me to be happier is to look at every situation with love. It actually takes more energy to be bitter towards someone who treated you wrongly or to hold onto negative feelings towards particular life events. Being bitter doesn’t stop these things from having happened- they’re now in the past. You’re letting them interrupt and interfere with the present moment, when they could have been left behind. Life is full of trials and tribulations and no two people will have the exact same experience, but if we change how we view them we’ll stop letting these experiences define us as individuals and live more presently.

So, there are three ways I try use to allow me to view life in a happier way. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy and I don’t always keep my cool in situations. We’re always learning, evolving and developing but I promise if you want to be happier it is entirely possible, and it is entirely down to you. If you have any of your own ways of cultivating happiness I would love to know! Please leave a comment below and start a conversation!

Until next time,

Megan xo

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4 Replies to “Why Are Some People Happier Than Others?”

  1. Couldn’t agree to this sentence more – “happiness is a choice”
    Absolutely true, no body else can make us happy if we don’t ‘chose’ it ourselves ☺️
    Personally I would say remembering the good things and experiences of life from time to time and being grateful for the same can be instrumental in the quest for happiness ☺️ This way we know what we have to smile about


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